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What is a tax Credit?

While tax deductions work by lowering taxable income, tax credits are a direct reduction of the tax due. After you figure out your taxable income and subtract your deductions, you calculate your tax due. You still have a chance to reduce that amount, often significantly, by taking advantage of any allowable tax credits.

Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits and Facade Easements are available for properties in National Register Districts that are contributing structures and undertake pre-approved repairs, improvements or restoration.

Incentives for interior/exterior painting, roofing, kitchen updates, bathroom updates, electrical, plubing, uslutation, strctural, hear and air replacements, storm windows, and more. A minimum of $25,000 must be spent to qualify.

What Tax Credits are Available

  • Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Facade Easements

Arkansas Tax Credits can be Sold

​The Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit can be transferred to another entity. Typically an entity with a high Arkansas tax burden will buy your tax credit at a percentage of face value. Past projects have sold at 87% of face value